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Rdio's Strategic Partnerships Aim to Expand Music Streaming Reach

Rdio's Strategic Partnerships Aim to Expand Music Streaming Reach

Recommended Music Streaming Service: Rdio

Rdio, a popular music-streaming service, was founded by Skype co-founder Janus Friis. It provides access to 30 million songs across 60 countries, and is expected to expand to 61 countries soon, with an upcoming launch in India. While Rdio currently lags behind competitors like Spotify and Deezer in terms of paying music streaming subscribers, it aims to enhance its reach and adoption through a series of integration partnerships.

The Latest in Home Gadgets

Rdio, the renowned music service, has expanded its reach into the connected home device market with recent deals announced with DTS, Google, Hisense, and LG Electronics. This move aligns with Rdio's broader anytime, anywhere strategy and aims to embed its music service seamlessly into a variety of connected home devices.

Additionally, Rdio has further diversified its partnerships by securing agreements with top automotive companies. These recent car deals include a collaboration with Bosch and another with Jaguar Land Rover. Notably, the Bosch deal stands out as an exclusive and international agreement to integrate Rdio as the primary music streaming partner for Bosch’s mySPIN connected dashboard service. These developments mark significant strides in Rdio's endeavor to make its music service more accessible and integrated across various technology platforms.

Innovative In-Car Music Streaming Service by Rdio

Are you ready for a groundbreaking experience in your car? Rdio is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Jaguar and Land Rover, marking the launch of the very first in-car on-demand music streaming service on the InControl Apps platform. Get ready to enhance your driving experience with seamless access to your favorite tunes on the road.

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